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The Klaserie Private Nature Timbavat Reserve- nDzuti Safari Camp

Giraffes at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve Klaserie Private Nature Reserve forms part of the Associated Private Nature Reserves with no fences between the various private parks and The Kruger National Park.

The reserve was formed in 1969. The Timbavati Game Reserve had recently been successfully formed by some far thinking individuals and the Klaserie was soon to follow. Klaserie Private Nature Reserve shares a common boundary with Timbavati Private Nature Reserve and Kruger National Park with no fences between.

The Klaserie Private Game Reserve has the total area of 62818 ha and consists of 15 farms.

The height above sea level varies between 307 and 461 meters. The rainy season starts in September and last until March or April. The average day-time high in summer is 30 degrees and a comfortable 23 degrees in winter.

Klaserie has all of the Big Five species (lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and buffalo). The “Big Five” was initially a term that referred to the five most dangerous animals to hunt and it is a shame that many visitors to the African Bush sometimes place the success of their safari in the sighting of just five animal species.

The Big Five are without doubt exciting animals to see but the African Bush is diverse and varied with countless other animals and birds that will enhance any visitor’s safari.

Our concession of 3500 odd hectares fall along both sides of the Klaserie River and this attracts herds of elephant as well as buffalo and of course the big cats that hunt them.