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More Little Ones.

More Little Ones.

5 November 2018 • General • Comments
For a few weeks now we had suspected that a lioness in the area had cubs. Last night we were treated with a very rare... read more »
A Hidden Treasure.

A Hidden Treasure.

2 November 2018 • General • Comments
The past few months have been dominated by the arrival of nine wild dog puppies and although we lost one recently due to a lioness... read more »

Sirius and the Dog Days

26 May 2015 • General • Comments
As the month of May settles in over the bush our summer constellations are setting and our major winter constellation of Scorpio is rising.  And... read more »
Dragons of Klaserie

Dragons of Klaserie

8 February 2015 • General • Comments
Monitor Lizards do look vaguely draconic it must be said, but they share more than scales and morphology with the ancient lizards and dinosaurs. Monitors... read more »

Dwarf Mongoose- safty in numbers.

7 February 2015 • General • Comments
Did you know the Dwarf Mongoose has the proud title of the smallest carnivore on the African Continent? It is also the carnivore with the... read more »
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